I’m a wet head.” This is a term used in the industry meaning, “I love hot water heat.”   There’s nothing more comfortable than the slow moving, radiant heat, which comes from hot water.

     We at Rex Byers Heating & Cooling use many types of cast iron and tube style boilers such as Crown Boilers and Burnham. Our favorite hot water option is the Navien 97% modulating boiler. This boiler fires in stages depending on the amount of demand needed. It’s also wall mounted so you save floor space in a utility room or closet.

   The Navien may be set up with cast iron radiators, baseboard tube fin, or in-floor radiant.

   Another great option of the Navien product is the combination unit. This allows the capability of not only heating the home, but also heating water for cooking, cleaning, or bathing. This one unit takes place of a home heating unit as well as a hot water heater. Click below to receive more information or to set up an estimate for your home.

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